How does Intale Point work?

Intale Point is an application that helps you manage your convenience store. It works on an iPad or a Windows Tablet, connects to your thermal printer and requires a barcode scanner and the Intale Box.

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Automate and grow your store now from 1€/day

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1. Scan the product

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2. Charge the customer

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3. Issue the receipt

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Secure & accessible data

You know your data is safe, no matter what, and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

24/7/365 support

We help you get up and selling fast, we're by your side 24/7

Powerful yet flexible

Beautiful design based on your needs that is so easy to use, despite its power

Intale Point will change the way you work forever

Instead of being scared of the old and elaborate computer software

Start selling from day one with Intale Point, the most user-friendly software on the market. Completely up-to-date with the latest barcodes that come to your cart directly from the cloud, simply by scanning.

Intale Singularity Database

Over 25.000 barcodes, constantly updated with new products in the market, come directly to your store with a simple scan.

Modern and user-friendly environment

Designed with your everyday needs in mind, and with clear and straightforward functions, Intale Point does not require any computer knowledge.

Reliable and efficient

Intale Point takes up the least possible space and includes cutting-edge hardware. Your store’s data is safe in the cloud and accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Instead of wasting your time entirely on small daily tasks

Invest your time to what really matters. Organize your store more efficiently by using Smart Reports, Custom Reports and featured KPI’s. Make better and faster decisions to grow your business.

Instead of wondering about what goes on in your store while you're away

You have access to Intale Point from any device, wherever you are. Check out the cashflow, staff reports and daily turnover in real time.

Instead of memory exercises and taking notes on your customer preferences

Make use of personalized selling, customer credit and the Intale Point customer balance sheet, Make every customer feel unique!

Customer Balance Sheet

Contact details, spending per customer, favourite products and special prices.

Personalized Selling

By selecting a specific customer at the register, Intale Point automatically updates the cart with special prices and predefined discounts.

Customer Credit

A customer may fully or partially pay for an invoice by credit. Quick view and detailed management of customer balance is readily available.

Instead of being in doubt or wasting time to double check supplier rates

Enter Order Receipt Invoices easily with the help of your barcode scanner, check if your profit is what you expected and make the necessary adjustments to retail prices on the spot.

Instead of wasting substantial amounts of money overstocking

Learn the real value of your warehouse with Intale Point Inventory Report. Use Automated Order Proposals and improve your profitability by avoiding unnecessary costs.

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