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What is Intale Point?

Intale point is a management software that is exclusively designed for the daily needs of corner shop and mini market owners.

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What is the target audience?

Intale Point targets all small retail businesses such as kiosks, mini-markets, grocery stores, cornershops, etc.

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Is Intale Point available throughout in my area?

No matter where you are, you can easily buy Intale Point. Intale has a nationwide partner network that will be happy to help you. Fill in your details on our contact form and one of our partners will contact you directly by phone to solve all of your questions.

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I have no computer knowledge. Will I be able to use Intale Point?

Our software is designed even for the most inexperienced users. No special computer knowledge is required as all functions are clear and understandable, based on your daily needs.

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Do I have to import all the products of my warehouse before I use the system for the first time?

No, you will not have to! Thanks to our unified product database, Intale Singularity Database that contains a full product codebook and which is constantly updated with new barcodes, you can scan and sell without additional effort from the first day of use.

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What happens if the internet connection is lost?

Although the system requires an internet connection, in the event of a line break, the sales process can continue normally. As soon as the problem is fixed, automatic sync is performed. This updates automatically all actions that were conducted offline, as well as the stock. With Intale's software there are no losses and the data is always safe as it is constantly stored in the cloud.

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What is the cloud?

The cloud is an online space, where your personal data is safely and anonymously stored and encrypted. The cloud provides more safety than any local disk and you can access your data at any time of the day, from any available device.

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Will Intale Point fit in my store?

The proposed equipment is modern and particularly ergonomic, with small dimensions and increased durability. At the same time, Intale's qualified representatives can find a solution for optimal placement in every space.

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Will I be able to issue receipts with Intale Point through my existing cash register?

Of course! Intale point connects to a cash register and issues receipts even faster.
See the list of compatible cash registers here!

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I have more than one shops. Can I use Intale Point?

Intale Point enables you to manage multiple stores in real time from any device. From your mobile, laptop or tablet, you can control cash transactions, sales, receipts and detailed statistics, while you can accurately view your turnover, and prepare the orders of the next day based on your warehouse stock.

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