Evaggelos Bitsas - Convenience Store Owner

  • Store size

    50 sq.m

  • Shop type

    Mini Market

  • Founded


  • Employees


Could you tell us a couple of things about your store? How did the idea come up and when did you start operating?

I 've always wanted to have my own business, I was never scared of too much work. As soon as I found something I believed in, I wanted to make it happen. The idea of a mini market came actually from my wife, which found the location and the space. I had to renovate it completely in order to change it to its present form. Thanks to my huge personal effort and friends' and relatives' support, I managed to open it within months, in the beginning of November 2015. I will never forget the feeling that Saturday morning. I opened the shop at 6 am and anticipated for the first client to walk in.

Why did you start looking for a digital management system?

The first year of operation was quite difficult, since I was alone in the store, and all obligations and burdens had fallen on me. I took the decision to put in place a management system and I gradually managed to increase my goods in both quantity and variety. Also, I now have an employee and therefore I can organise my shifts and the time I spend with my family. I have full control of the store's finances, and I have a full overview of my stock and product prices.

How did you hear about Intale Point and why did you decide to buy it?

I was looking for a management system for quite some time. I kept on comparing the prices and functions of different software. In September 2016, I visited the branch exhibition which is held annually at the airport. There I was introduced to Intale Point and I could share all my concerns and questions with Intale's team. After a detailed demonstration of the system and thanks to Intale's promo price, I realized I had found exactly what I was looking for.

Intale Point features a remote management function, which enables store owners to have a complete overview of their store, in real time and from any device. Do you use this feature and, if so, how?

Remote management was a basic reason for choosing Intale Point. When I'm out of town for business, I connect to the store through my smartphone and I can view all money transactions in real time, as well as the sales of the day. Moreover, I can control whether my orders are complete and whether they have come on time. In the comfort of my own home, I analyze detailed statistics, I get accurate information on my turnover and I prepare the orders of the next day based on my store's stock. Everything runs smoothly and it feels like I'm there although I'm not!

Speed plays a very important role, especially in the mornings, when receiving orders and simultaneously interacting with customers. How has your workflow changed with Intale Point?

Thanks to the continuous improvements to the system and the introduction of new features by the Intale team, all tasks are managed quickly and efficiently. Receiving orders is now a piece of cake and I wouldn't be suprised if Intale develops a function in the future that even places the products on my shelves.

Would you recommend Intale Point to colleagues or other third parties?

There's no question about it. All shop owners that consider growing their business must definitely buy a management system from Intale. Intale Point not only covers all my needs, but above all it is a powerful tool that really drives up my revenue. I can not imagine operating and controlling my store without it.

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